Monday, January 12, 2009

Legislative DFL Priorities

Minnesota's DFL legislative issued their list of common sense, back on track priorities for this legislative session. Once again, our leaders are making us proud by showing strong pracitical priorities that will help ALL minnesotans in this faltering economy.

Minnesota legislative leaders today discussed their top legislative initiative, a bill designed to maximize Minnesota’s participation in the federal stimulus and recovery plan.

“Economic recovery is at the top of our agenda. We will work to create jobs both in the public and private sector that help Minnesotans and our state work its way back to prosperity,” said House Speaker Margaret Anderson Kelliher.

“As a new administration takes office, it is very important that Minnesota is prepared to act quickly and in cooperation with our federal partners,” said State Senate Majority Leader Larry Pogemiller. “Our plan also includes accountability measures so there will be no question taxpayer money is being used properly and effectively.”

The leaders say the legislature will take steps to encourage the private sector growth.

“As we’ve listened to Minnesotans, it’s become clear we need to do more to help businesses in our state,” said House Majority Leader Tony Sertich. “That could mean streamlining a permitting process for companies looking to do business here.”  

“The key to fixing this financial mess is getting people back to work. When people are working they can take care of their families and need less help from the government, said Assistant Senate Majority Leader Tarryl Clark. “We also want to make sure Minnesota is getting its fair share. Right now we only get back about 70 cents for every dollar we send to Washington.”

Legislative initiatives will continue to be brought forward throughout the session as House and Senate committees work on each area of the state budget. 

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