Thursday, January 8, 2009

Seeing it coming

Vice President Dick Cheney says that the Bush administration has no obligation to apologize for failing to take action to ward off the economic crisis because no one saw it coming.

Which is interesting first insofar as it's not true, but moreover insofar as it's the continuation of a narrative coming out of the White House in a pretty desperate attempt to absolve themselves of responsibility for incompetent, dangerous, misinformed, or outright malicious decision-making.

John McCain said something similar this past spring, regarding Iraq and WMD this time. It was not a new line for proponents of the war. The President's used it a few times himself.

And I suppose as a (somewhat cynical) student of politics, this oughtn't surprise me, nor am I enough of a party shill to suggest that this is a conservative phenomenon. But, quite simply, the Bush administration messed up. They didn't listen to dissenting (and ultimately correct) voices, and maybe it's time to come clean instead of this childish frustration that the reality doesn't fit the theory.

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