Tuesday, January 20, 2009

The Expectations Game: Are Expectations too High for Our New President?

Watching the inauguration and listening to the pundits repeatedly claim that 8 in 10 people approve of President Obama when he has yet to take a single action as President of the United States, I can only help but wonder: Are expectations too high?

When expectations are extraordinary, it is more than likely that one will be unable to meet them. The expectations for President Obama are certainly unprecedented. Two million people showed up in Washington D.C. today, while millions more watched from home, desperate for a change in government and a new direction for the country. We have put our hopes one the shoulders of one man and I would only expect his knees to buckle a little form the weight. When they do buckle, and I can only expect that they will, I hope we remember that we asked to much of him in the first place. I believe that he will do great things for us but I cannot expect it immmediately and I certainly cannot expect him to create a perfect solution for all of my problems.

Expectations play a large role in politics. During the debates, campaign staffers for the Vice President could be heard trying to talk down Biden's experience and knowledge while praising Governor Palin. Biden's people worried that he would lose the expectations game. When expectations are set too high for one candidate in a debate, his opposition only has to show up and prove that she can in fact get out a sentence, to win.

I return back to the expectations for President Obama. I hope we do not throw him under the bus when he cannot deliver in a week or a month. It will take a long time for him to deliver but I voted for him because I believe that he will work tirelessly and intelligently to eventually bring us to a higher level of citizenry and government.

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