Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Did Coleman's Attorney Vote for Franken?

This is great story from the pioneer press about Coleman's attorney Joe Friedberg:

Friedberg, a talented criminal defense attorney, pitched in defending Coleman's late father in an unflattering criminal case several years ago, and years earlier, the Republican (then-Democrat) Coleman came to Friedberg's aid in a bar fight.

Now Friedberg is the lead attorney in Coleman's bid to persuade a three-judge panel to throw out the state Canvassing Board's conclusion that Democrat Al Franken earned 225 more votes on Election Day than Coleman for the U.S. Senate seat.

That would make Friedberg Coleman's most important supporter. Except he's not a supporter. Friedberg's a Democrat, and he often disagrees with his friend's politics.

"I would do anything for Norm, except vote for him," Friedberg said in a Pioneer Press interview before the election. "And I’ve told him that."

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