Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Blagojevich: Guilty?

I'm curious to here what my fellow bloggers and readers think about the Gov. Blagojevich proceedings.

When the scandal first broke, we got to hear snippets of the recorded phone calls between Blagojevich and others - but we haven't heard everything. I am extremely curious to see what comes out during the trial. From what we have heard so far, I am not so convinced that Blagojevich did anything illegal - immoral to be sure - but not illegal. He was playing the political game. He had a very valuable piece of political capital that he wanted to turn into a political war chest - a trade of political assets.

This media tour he is now going on though, oy vey. I read that he is trying to taint to jury people - make himself seem likeable (and hopefully not-guilty-looking) to people out there who could sit in the jury box that decides his fate. To do this tour, he is boycotting his impeachment trial in the Illonois legislature. Dude, show up!

Governor Blagojevich -

You say the legialture is being unfair and not letting you call witnesses, yada yada yada. It doesn't matter, you have to show up to the trial! You owe it to the citizens of Illonois. Regardless of whether you committed a crime, you were dubious and dirtied the Governor's office. You owe the voters something. After this is all over, right your book and do your media tour. Right now, try not to make this whole debacle more of a joke than it already is.


P.S. Telling the world that you wanted to appointment Oprah to the Senate does not make you more likable. I sincerely hope that you don't think that you can manipulate Oprah's primary audience - women- with such a revelation. We aren't that malleable.


Piotr '81 said...

Last night on the Rachel Maddow show Blagojevich admitted that:

1. He tried to trade the Senatorial appointment for help with his political agenda.
2. He tried to trade a political favor (involving taxpayer money) for the promise that Chicago Tribune would step back from publishing critical editorials of the Governor.

I am no expert, but I think both of these activities are illegal. And a confession in a national media interview (which his -now former- lawyer strongly advised against) should be enough to convict the man. It looks like check and mate.

Michelle said...

After today's impeachment...I give in. I want to hear more of those tapes though.

Piotr '81 said...

Don't give in, Michelle!

The impeachment process was also corrupt!

Piotr '81 said...

And just exactly where does the legislature find the moral authority to bar Blago for life from all future political office in Illinois?

Let me get this straight then, if the population of, say, Urbana were to elect Blago their Mayor, the legislators would step in and tell Urbana residents, "no, you are not allowed to elect this person Mayor; start over and choose someone else!" What a crock! Some democracy that Illinois has! Now who is corrupt?!?

Brendan said...

I live in the State of Illinois and The formor gov. is guilty of trying to sell the senent seat that formarly belonged to the pressendent Obama.