Monday, January 19, 2009

Biden was First Choice for Secretary of State

On Oprah today Dr. Jill Biden accidentally revealed that her husband, Vice President-elect Joe Biden, was given the option of Vice Present or Secretary of State in an Obama White House. Depending on the President, the Vice President job can either lack luster or require a policy wonk. By law, the Vice President's job is only to keep his heart going, which leaves a lot of room for a President to create the job for his Number 2 guy. While in discussions over Biden's role in the administration, Biden asked Obama if the Vice President could be the "last guy in the room" - meaning that he would be able to have serious discussions with Obama when important decisions needed to be made.

As we know, Biden was extremely qualified for the job of Secretary of State. He was Chairman of the Senate's Foreign Relations Committee - the number one guy for foreign relations in Congress. His expertise will still be extremely useful to his role as Vice President, but we'll have to see if he made the right choice.

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