Thursday, December 4, 2008

Recount Update 12/4

What we know as of this moment with 98.88% of the vote recounted (of course without challenges resolved):

Important numbers:
  • Star-Tribune gives Coleman a lead of 251.
  • Coleman withdraws 650 challenges following Franken's lead (see yesterday's update).
  • Franken claims a 10 vote lead.
  • 32,704 votes left to count.
Important facts:
  • Minneapolis elections director Cindy Reichert late last night admitted to the Star Tribune that the ballots were missing, saying that her earlier theory (that the missing 133 ballots were simply run twice) "doesn't jibe with the numbers we have" and "wasn't valid speculation."
  • Franken campaign calls for an intensive search for those ballots. From Minnpost:
    With 133 votes from a Minneapolis precinct in student-heavy Dinkytown stll missing, the Al Franken campaign today reiterated its call for an "immediate and intensive search" for an envelope containing the ballots.
  • MN GOP sent out a press release attacking Franken's request for an intensive search with this headline: Franken Campaign Calls For Government Invasion Of A Church!
  • Franken campaign explains their methods:
    By our count, Al Franken leads Norm Coleman by 10 votes with roughly 56,000 ballots left to be hand counted. Many media outlets are calculating the margin by a different method, relying on raw data from the Secretary of State’s website to conclude that Coleman holds a lead of over 300 votes. However, that calculation assumes that every challenge will be upheld by the state canvassing board, whereas our calculation assumes that the original call by the impartial election judge will stand. So, if the judge calls it for Franken, we say it’s a Franken ballot. Likewise, if the judge calls it for Coleman, we treat it as a Coleman ballot - even if we have challenged it.
  • MN Canvassing Board will meet next friday (12/12) "to discuss possible options for dealing with mistakenly rejected absentee ballots being sorted by county and local election officials."
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