Friday, December 5, 2008

Oh Canada! The Canadian Party Crisis.

This blog is occasionally prone to cover Canadian politics. Ok, we mentioned Canada once. Anyway, they just shut down their legislature so they're interesting now.

After minority parties came together to oust conservative prime minister Stephen Harper, Harper decided that he could avoid the vote by having their parliament closed. How would he do this you ask? Apparently, by turning to the Canadian Governor General.

Didn't know that Canada had a Governor General did you? I didn't. You probably also didn't know that the Governor General had the power to suspend the Parliament? She does. Did you know that the current Governor General is named Michaƫlle Jean? Yeah me neither. Or that she was appointed by the Queen (of the United Kingdom)[with the advice of the Prime Minister of Canada]? Unlike some, I did know that the Queen is not Helen Mirren.

(Mirren on left)

Getting back to our story, Stephen Harper convinced the Governor General to prorogue (close) Parliament until January 26. In other words, during the beginning of a world wide economic catastrophe (see previous economic posts), Canada has no national government.

In the words of Communications, Energy and Paperworkers Union leader Dave Coles:

"For us, it's total chaos because there's no government to talk to. We may not have an industry left the way this is going." [speaking of the forestry industry]

Maybe Quebec will finally leave Canada? [This isn't funny to Canadians.]

Full coverage from Slate.

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Toronto real estate said...

Time is running and it seems situation has hardly changed. I suppose Harper will begin to "fight" after the New Year. Or maybe, there are huge negotiations right now, we can't see.
Or Harper just wanted calm Christmas and in January he will surrender :)
Take care and merry Christmas!