Thursday, December 4, 2008

Nixon Tapes Commentary

Another round of Nixon Tapes were released two days ago by the National Archives. Truth listened to them and wrote up the following. I think it serves as an example of the intense hatred Nixon had for the press (the Washington Post in particular) and an indication of Nixon's personality.

Check it out:

Nixon said: “Nobody from the Washington Post is ever to be in that house when I am there. Just work out the pools. The pools are invited. The Post is never never never never to be present.”

A few days later, Nixon saw someone from the Washington Post in the White House. He wasn’t happy.

Nixon called Ziegler.

“Today there were four people from the Washington Post looking at the Christmas tree, I had given an order which you may recall quite clearly that nobody in the Washington Post was ever to be in this house again. And I want it enforced. I want you to call Connie, call me back. Ask her why they were there. And tell her if there’s ever anybody that’s there her ass is out in five minutes.”

Ziegler responded: “She fully understands the Washington Post situation. There was no reporter today at the…ceremony. There was a photographer there but apparently they screwed up on their desk assignment. There was no reporter present from the Post.”

Nixon commanded: “I want it clearly understood that from now on. Ever. No reporter from the Washington Post is ever to be in the White House unless its a press conference. Never in the White House. No church service. Nothing with Mrs. Nixon. You tell Connie don’t tell Mrs. Nixon cause she’ll approve it. No reporter from the Washington Post is ever to be in the White House again. And no photographer either. Is that clear? None ever to be in. Now that is a total order and if necessary I’ll fire you. Do you understand?”

“I do understand,” Ziegler said.

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