Monday, December 1, 2008

Minnesota Majority; Dr. Laura; and Obama the Anti-Christ

After the election, I shared my facebook feed to provide a look at the views of the individuals who weren't so happy about Barack Obama's win. Many of the people from that feed were my friends, said some strong things, but are honest people who had honest (if misconceived) problems with Barack Obama his potential presidency. Today I'm presenting three things from "the other side" which I don't think meets the standard of an honest or responsible critique.

First, I present to you a group called "MN Majority," which you can find among the links for Christian Voters in Minnesota at the the Christian Voter Guide. This group claims to track key votes and to critique those who voted in ways that differed from their supported points. What were these votes?

Among the things that they took a stance on (partial list above) they supported:
  • banning funding for International Baccalaureate Program (essentially banning the IB program),
  • eliminating comprehensive sex-ed education (they prefer the guess and check method?),
  • eliminating in-state tuition for the children of undocumented workers (make those Minnesotans with the most need, pay the most?).
While not supporting:
  • a cap and trade environmental bill,
  • the renewable energy standard,
  • increasing the minimum wage.
I'm confused...what exactly is christian about any of that? Also, given that most of the bills they did not support passed, does that really mean that they represent the Minnesota Majority?


Dr. Laura Schlessinger provides her opinion on feminists "place":

I’m all for feminists…in their place, of course (which clearly isn’t in the kitchen; but I digress).

Instead of marching in public to make sure that babies born even up to, but not including, their heads can be killed (also known as late term abortion), and that minors can abort their babies without mommy and daddy knowing, and demanding that the world provide day-care so that all mothers can dump their kids into the arms of hired help, and also that unmarried women can adopt babies in spite of the need of children for a daddy…how ‘bout having these well- meaning activists go to Afghanistan and protect girls whose only wish is to go to school and be educated so they can participate in their society?

Activism is an important quality of people motivated with a mission to preserve and protect innocents. Feminists go after fetuses…let them instead go after the Taliban. I think it would make a huge statement and impact to have American women locked and loaded and protecting these young women who strive for the basic right to an education.

If America’s feminists would commit to such missions, I would respect and support them wholeheartedly.

Update for Dr. Schlessinger: American feminists are working on these and many other issues of women's rights around the world, and have done so for a long time now.

Some examples:
International Women's Rights Action Watch
Amnesty International
Alliance for International Women's Rights

And yes, there are American feminists working in all three organizations. By the way, I am no expert on this issue (as Jill can tell you), and so, I am willing to bet that there are a plethora of organizations that I have not included. Additionally, Laura Schlessinger doesn't understand that just like women in the Middle East fight for their own rights, many American feminists are busy fighting for the rights of American women in many situations where their rights, here in America, where their rights are not respected. So, not only is Dr. Laura wrong, she continues to misunderstand the situation of women in the USA.

Fake Dr. Laura vs. Fake American President


Screenshot from AM Talk Show Host Bill Handel.

via (daily dish)

Handel says he's joking. Maybe he is...he has a history of bad jokes.

New update on the other side next month.

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