Thursday, December 11, 2008

Blago's numbers, Bush can Goad

From the

The poll shows 70 percent of voters believing that Blagojevich should resign now, while only 25 percent should wait until he is proven guilty. A 73 percent majority support the impeachment of the governor – including a majority of Democrats – with 58 percent “strongly supporting” his impeachment. .

His approval rating, meanwhile, has tanked to seven percent. Among Democrats, only 13 percent approve of his performance.
The poll surveyed 600 registered voters in Illinois from December 9-10, and has a 4 percent margin of error.
Here's what shocking to me, 13% of Democrats and 7% of voters approve of Blogjevich's performance as Governor? Seriously? Are these the people who live under a rock? Did these people hear about what happened on Tuesday? Seriously, these people should be found and, and, and, have their voting rights revoked or something. There's one acceptable possiblity the poll's 4 percent margin of error kicks in, so actually only 3 percent of voters approve of Blagojevich's performance and of those 1 percent are his family, 1 percent are people who live under a rock, and 1 percent are people who thought approve means totally hate.

I'm imagining a meeting between Bush and Blago, where Bush takes advantage of the first time he's able to make fun of someone else's approval rating.

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