Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Tom Daschle; Secretary of Health and Human Services

Former Senate Majority Leader Tom Daschle has been will be nominated by President-elect Obama as Secretary of the Health and Human Services. This indicates two important things:

1) Obama is continuing to recruit and partner with legislative leaders. He is teaming with individuals who are respected and strongly supported by legislators. This may be the rise of one of the more cooperative Presidential-legislature teams that this country has seen.

2) Obama is prioritizing health care reform. Daschle has spent his time out of the Senate working hard to push for significant health care reform. Additionally, this will be his first cabinet position, and while it might be at least partly a choice of convenience (and a leak), it also shows a dedication to health care.

You can find a pdf from Daschle about Welfare reform from Daschle here.

Daschle, from a statement on the page of the Center for American Progress where he has served as a senior fellow:
Health care is a complex topic, but myths should not cover up a simple truth: We are wasting money by paying top dollar for mediocre results. I believe we need a new approach to health reform – an approach that results in major reform, not incremental change. We need to create new coalitions to push for reform and find new answers that work for everyone. We need to move beyond ideology and partisanship and meet our common health care system challenges with commonsense answers to provide affordable, quality health care to everyone in this great nation. This is not a weak alternative; it is the only one.

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