Sunday, November 16, 2008

New Obama Appointments

Today's new appointments:

Pete Rouse, Senior Advisor

He is already a close advisor to the President-elect. He held the position of Chief of Staff to Senator Obama. He has worked as Chief of Staff for other influential members of he Senate such as Tom Daschle and Dick Durbin.

Mona Sutphen, Deputy Chief of Staff

Sutphen is a member of the transition team and Managing Director of a firm specializing in strategic planning for Fortune 500 comopanies. She was a U.S. Foreign Service Officer from 1991-2000 and also worked in the White house as part of the National Security Council.

Jm Messina, Deputy Chief of Staff

Messina is currently part of the transitional team and served as Chief of Staff for the Obama presidential campaign. Previously he has worked on numerous campaigns across the U.S. and has served as Chief of Staff for a number of prominents Senate Democrats.

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