Friday, November 28, 2008

A Moment for India; Updates

Update 3:20PM CST:
Several Americans dead in India. Fighting continues.

Update 2:00AM CST:
Adding on to what Michelle said, if you want to stay informed on what is happening in India check out the New York Times site. They have a reporter at the Nariman House (follow link for full story), giving a minute by minute (well ten minute by ten minute) account of what is happening in that standoff. You can follow his updates at the New York Times blog The LEDE. As if the human connection weren't enough, Carleton has many students from India, and several from Mumbai itself. As you follow these stories, keep them in your thoughts.

Hey guys,

I know we have been really bad about updating lately. For all you Carls out there you know that we have been been taking lots of finals and writing final papers. But we are finally done and we will be back in fighting form and up to the minute posts shortly.

But right now, I want to take a moment to reflect on the situation in India. When the planes hit the World Trade Center we saw many nations and their citizens reach out to us. I wasn't quite sure how those people felt. Something terrible happened far away from home. It was scary, but not ever-present. Now, I think I get it. At least some of that feeling. A terrorist group attacked Mumbai killing more people than we know at the moment. They targeted a tourist area looking for us, Americans, and British. But they killed many belonging to different ethnicities and nations. The terrorists took over a historic hotel going person to person looking for American and British passport holders. Once they were found they were taken hostage or shot. This crisis continues. Below is a picture of the hotel, on fire, from the suicide bombers.

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