Thursday, October 23, 2008

Why are you reading when you could be volunteering?

[Due to the importance of this notice, it has been promoted to the top of Thursday's stories. It was originally written at 6:55 p.m. -P]

We only have twelve days until the election, and we're desperate for your help.
Please get in touch with me right away if you want to get involved. Here's what we have going on next week:

1. Study break visits on Sunday 10/26. We're meeting at 9:30pm in Upper Sayles, and then spreading out across campus to distribute voting info/recruit volunteers. This shouldn't take more than an hour!

2. Al Franken on campus, Thursday 10/30. The rally starts at 5:45pm, location TBA. stay tuned!

3. Dorm storming Monday through Thursday from 8-10pm. Carleton straddles THREE different precincts, so it's especially important that we talk with students and make sure they know where they need to vote on E-day.

Finally, this isn't a time to sit back and expect Democrats to take Minnesota handily. The media has been inflating Obama's numbers in Minnesota big time-- internal polling shows that the race here is much closer than people realize. Presidential race aside, statewide youth vote turnout will literally make the difference between electing Norm Coleman or Al Franken to the US Senate. If students don't vote in Northfield, David Bly will lose his State House seat. If students don't vote in Northfield, Steve Sarvi doesn't have a shot in hell of unseating Congressman John Kline. Now is the time to do your part. We need you, and we aren't kidding.

This is the home stretch,

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