Tuesday, October 7, 2008

National Republicans Can't Help in MN

In great news for those hoping for a Democratic gains in Minnesota, Polinaut is reporting that the National Republican Campaign Committee has withdrawn 66 spots that they were planning on running next week for Erik Paulson. There are three possible interpretations of this:
1) They've given up on the race because they're sure Madia is going to win. Given that there was a poll a little more than a month ago that put Paulson up by 3, that would surprise me. The district is Republican leaning, and I would be surprised if they let the Democrats have it. Although, I guess they did that in Michigan.

2) They've given up on this race because they're sure that Paulson is going to win. This would be an even worse calculation that the above, given that a poll from the end of September put Madia up by 5. Madia is very much in this and the pundits are all ranking this race high, in likely hood of party switching.

3) They need the money to protect incumbents who were supposed to win in a breeze. While the NRCC has withdrawn Paulson ads, they have $126,000 dollars worth of ads out for Michelle Bachman. She's become one of the Republicans shining stars, but El Tinklenberg knows that district and is giving her (and national republicans) a great run for her money. I think its this one. November 4th, seems to be shaping up to be a great day for all with a D after their name. Let's make this big. Register today and make sure your friends all have their voting registration/absantee stuff inline.

Check out the Polinaut story here:

The public file at WCCO shows that the NRCC cancled 66 spots that were reserved between October 14th and October 20th. The political committee still has $216,450 in time reserved from October 21st to election day on Paulsen's behalf. The NRCC has also reserved time at KSTP, KMSP and KARE. No word yet on whether the ad buys were scaled back at those stations

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