Friday, October 10, 2008

McCain in Lakeville; McCain "calms" Supporters

This blog has rarely had positive words about John McCain; however, at the Lakeville, MN forum the old John McCain has, in the words of Chris Matthews, "reared his head." In his Minnesota forum, he told his supporters that Obama was a good person, and that they should maintain respect for both candidates. See the video below:

In response to a supporter saying he's "scared of an Obama presidency"

and in response to an enthusiastic supporter:

Not shown in the video is that when McCain said that "Obama is a decent man" the crowd booed.

John McCain and his campaign are at odds.

Cynical view:

Sarah Palin continues to imply that Barack Obama pals around with Terrorists.
Richard Wolffe from Newsweek also claims that internal polls show McCain's negative ratings skyrocketing amid the strategy of stoking fears about Barack Obama (see ad below)

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