Friday, October 3, 2008

Liberty for all

In another It's Okay If You're a Republican moment, Liberty University, the brainchild of the late evangelical preacher, conservative activist and founder of the Moral Majority, Jerry Falwell, has decided it loves enfranchisement.

It loves enfranchisement so much, its professors are giving students extra credit for voting in Virginia on election day, its resident advisers are instructed to educate their residents on voting, and its administration has decided to cancel classes on November 4th. It loves enfranchisement SO MUCH.

Of course, many Liberty students are not Virginians. And we know about how positively conservatives usually feel about college students voting in the state in which they reside three quarters of the year. But, you know, sometimes principles have to be set aside in swing states.

And let's be clear--I am a huge proponent of any measure that better enables all voters--students, workers, parents, everyone--to get to the polls without compromising their studies, jobs, etc. I think it's great that Liberty is empowering its students to vote. I wish it would be equally excited about other schools empowering theirs.

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