Thursday, October 9, 2008

I've Got that Down Home Feeling

We talk a lot about the Presidential race and larger scale politics on this blog. Well I would like to draw some attention to some other important races happening here in Northfield, MN.

The one very near and dear to me is the Congressional race. The Democrat, Steve Sarvi, is challenging our current Representative (I use Representative loosely here since he votes with Bush 93% of the time and Dubya has the lowest approval rating of any President EVER) John Kline. Sarvi has served in the military for over 20 years and was an extremely effective mayor in Watertown, MN. He left Watertown to serve with the National Guard in Kosovo and Iraq. When he got back to America all he wanted to do is help our community. That's why he is running for Congress. The Democrats have had a really tough time booting Rep. Kline out but Steve Sarvi really has a fighting chance. They are currently in a statistical dead heat. We have to do everything we can! He has come to Carleton a number of times showing that he really does care about the student voice. I have yet to ever see John Kline.

Let us also focus some attention towards State Rep. David Bly. While in the MN State House he successfully voted to get 40,000 MN children health coverage. After completing his first successful term in office, Democrats in Minnesota 25B (that's us!) are determined to keep him there. Two years ago he won by only 50 some votes after a re-count! That means this year we have to give it everything we got. He has come to Carleton too many times to count because he cares about Northfield and its vast student community. Come on Dems, less than a month left!

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