Sunday, October 5, 2008

How are people not scared?

How can the idea of Sarah Palin NOT be terrifying to everyone? I guess this is why I am a Democrat because I just don't get her appeal to Republicans, or anyone in America for that matter. I'm sure she is a nice lady and I'm sure she has folksy hometown values, but how is that enough to the be the Vice President of the United States?

List of reasons why I am terrified:

1. She wants to take away my right to what I want to with my own body. Let's get real people, Roe v. Wade is law that has withstand the test of time. In my view, it is a violation of powers for the President to attempt to manipulate to Supreme Court with the purpose of invalidating Roe v. Wade. I don't even think we should have a liberal court. We should have a centrist court created by differing and dynamic opinions from conservative and liberal Justices.

2. She's a bloody liar. You don't think that homosexuals should have the same legal rights as heterosexuals. You dirty dirty debating liar.

3. My kid will NOT be going to a school where creationism is taught. It is a belief, not a science, that she wants to subject all children in the United States too. Well, each family is different and has a different religion. By making every child be taught a fundamental Christian belief you are expanding the role of government, not decreasing it, you dirty dirty hypocrite.

4. "Drill, baby, drill." No matter what the context around this chant, HOW IS THE CHANT ALONE NOT TERRIFYING? Regretfully, I learned this weekend that the origin of this chant comes from the former Lt. Governor of my home state - Maryland. Shame on you Michael Steele. You spoke at my high school graduation!

5. She can not name a single national newspaper which we found out during the Katie Couric interview. I want a Vice President who is extraordinary, not ordinary.

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