Tuesday, October 7, 2008

A good reminder

Reuters reported a shocking discovery yesterday: Poverty still plagues U.S. Cities.
Some 90 percent of city officials in the National League of Cities survey of mayors and leaders of towns of 30,000 people or more say that during the last decade poverty rates have either increased or stayed the same in their towns.
A few important facts about poverty in the United States:
  • The poverty rate in the United States for all families is 12.5%.
  • The poverty threshold for a family of two adults and two related children is $21,027. A full 5% of all Americans live on less than half of their applicable threshold.
  • Non-Whites (24% of Blacks, 22% of Hispanics, 10% of Asians) are more likely to live in poverty than (non-Hispanic) Whites (8%).
  • Women (14%) are more likely to live in poverty than men (11%).
  • 21% of children under the age of five live in poverty, the greatest proportion of any age demographic.
In 40 years, those poverty rates have fallen, yes, but not in any extraordinary numbers. Ask John McCain what his tax cuts are going to do for these people.

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