Friday, October 31, 2008

Four More Days For The Next Four Years; Obama + Franken = Change

Last night, I was fortunate enough to hear President Clinton speak at a rally for Al Franken in Minneapolis. Throughout the course of his speech he made sure to drive home several extremely important points:

1. Obama is the leadership we need. President Clinton offered Obama's campaign as proof, pointing out that a good President can accomplish what he says he will do and the grassroots movement Obama has built is evidence of this capability. Clinton also made mention of Obama's actions during the economic crisis how, instead of making erratic decisions, he waited until he could gather as much information as possible (including calling President Clinton) before he made any kind of decision. A steady hand at the tiller: now that's the change we need.

2. Obama can only do so much unless he has a fillibuster proof majority in the Senate. Clearly Al Franken's strategy going down the stretch is to tie his electoral hopes to Obama's coattails, and there is a very good argument for why this should work. Clinton noted that "I've been there" and he knows what it is like to have an un co-operative Congress. It is absolutely vital that we put a Democrat back into Paul Wellstone's seat in the Senate, and move one step closer to that magic number of 60.

3. He was an awesome President and is a great public speaker. Seriously, modesty is not his game (but can you blame him?)

The theme for the night was Obama+Franken=Change and after I left the convention hall I couldn't have been more convinced that this is true. It is so extremely-absolutely-essentially vital that we elect Al to the United States Senate.

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