Thursday, October 9, 2008

Cullen Sheehan, Coleman's Manager, On How to Not Lie (technically)

There is currently a small brew-haha boiling over because of accusations that Coleman is taking advantage of gifts and favors given him by campaign supporters. First, we learned that Coleman lives with a lobbyist in DC, who lets him live there well below the market rate. For more information on that check out this National Journal story that broke the news.

Now there are reports from Harper's that long time Coleman supporter Nasser Kazeminiy (see his donations here 79,000 in the '06 cycle; 34,000 thus far in '08) paid for Norm Coleman's bills at Neiman Marcus in the Twin Cities. See the story here from the Star-Tribune here. How could Norm Colman clear this potentially unethical behavior? Well, he could show receipts, he could disclose everything he bought at Neiman Marcus, OR HE COULD SIMPLY TELL US THAT HE DIDN'T HAVE A SUPPORTER PAY FOR HIS SUITS. Instead we get this from his campaign manager Cullen Sheehan: (please watch it, it's so worth the repetition)

Anyone else smell a rat?

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