Friday, September 26, 2008

What are you doing Senator McCain?

I was shocked that McCain simply announced that he wasn't going to attend the debate until the financial crisis was solved. It's not that it's just a bad idea, which it is, it is how he did it. If he really cared about the financial crisis and truly believed that Washington needed both him and Senator Obama back to help (without ANY political motives), then he would have called up Obama and together they could have made a joint statement. But what he did was political. He tried to put Obama in a tough spot. If Obama says no, I will continue with the debate, then he might look too political - not concerned enough with the current problems faced by the American people. If he said yes, McCain wouldn't have to debate. He is not particularly known for his oratory skill.

Well we all know how this story turns out. Obama said no. A pretty shocking decision, I think. McCain rushed to Washington to a crisis almost resolved, where his help was even frowned on by Republicans (or as I should say lack of help as CNN recently reported that McCain sat quietly in the meetings and did not contribute to a solution). It is my personal belief that McCain probably thought he was doing the right thing by going to Washington, and that many of his political advisors advised against it. I come to that conclusion as we now see them rushing him out of Washington as fast as they can - WITHOUT a solution to the economic crisis. Tonight, as stated in an e-mail to Obama supporters by Brian Melendez (Chair of the DFL), "the debate is on."

I say, it's on like Donkey Kong.

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