Monday, September 1, 2008

Violence in St. Paul

Evan, maybe you can fill us in on this? I know you're in Minneapolis, not St. Paul, but I'm stuck in Oklahoma until Wednesday and as far as I know Jill is in DC. It's hard to figure out what went down up there. I'm getting very different versions of events from trustworty blogs and the main stream press.

Any readers with insight please feel free to comment.

I'm currently following the main stream media (for the police view) and Fire Dog Lake as well as MNIndependent (for the protesters view).

Most interestingly, Amy Goodman of Democracy Now! (which airs regularly on Carleton Radio station KRLX) arrested for Conspiracy to Riot:
Getting word as it plays -- Amy Goodman and two other crew from DemocracyNow! are being detained by police for "probable cause for riot (?)." Happening now -- just got word. Phoned in to other DN! crew to see what we can do. Waiting to hear if it's an arrest or "detained." Should have a report on the live broadcast later today. Police scene here over the top. We chased the raids all day Saturday and I'll blog about some of that later. Meanwhile, in phone contact with DN! and if any help is needed behind the scenes, we're there.

What happened to Minnesota Nice?

Here's some video from FireDogLake:

Also a report from FDL reporter Siun:

Update 4:07 pacific: Lindsay has just called in about an arrest near the bridge - somebody being arrested here - cops are making racist remarks to the guy they are arresting using fake spanish to him and knocking off a hat he was wearing. Lindsay didn't see a cause for the arrest - just turned around and he was on the ground. As we were talking, she could see them dragging him across the road and a nearby motorcycle cop started taunting Lindsay to "take more pictures - Greetings from the great southwest!" while pointing to his badge.

A picture and story via the AP and Volokh Conspiracy

Protesters smashed windows, punctured car tires and threw bottles Monday during an anti-war march to the site of the Republican National Convention. Police used pepper spray in confrontations with demonstrators and arrested five.

Instead of the single coherent march that organizers had hoped for, fringe groups of anarchists and others wrought havoc along the streets between the state Capitol and the Xcel Energy Center where the convention was taking place.

Police estimates of the crowd shifted during the event before settling on 8,000 to 10,000. The crowd was clearly in the thousands, many of them marching peacefully.

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