Monday, September 8, 2008

Protesters and Police

Those of you who have been following the RNC, which was held in St. Paul, may have heard about conflicts between police and protesters/demonstrators outside the Xcel center and the surrounding area. Several people from the Northfield community and surrounding area were involved, including Coleen Rowley, who ran for Congress in the 2nd in 2006, and Bill McGrath, who has spoken at Carleton about his experiences in Israel and Palestine.

Now, some of the participants have decided to get together to talk about what happened and share stories about their experiences at the convention. I contacted some of the planners, and they said Carls would be more than welcome.

So, a little short notice, but here's the specs:

5:30 PM
Hobgoblin Music Loft on Hwy 19 (off Hwy 61) in Red Wing

If anyone goes, prepare to compose a guest blog!

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