Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Obama lays out Economic Policy

Undoubtedly you're aware that the economy is not very healthy right now (unless you're McCain/Palin). If you are McCain/Palin, or a college student who has had a busy first week of classes you can check out the news here. The McCain campaign has been furiously struggling to have a position, ANY POSITION on the economy:

VIENNA, Ohio — On Monday morning, as the financial system absorbed one of its biggest shocks in generations, Senator John McCain said, as he had many times before, that he believed the fundamentals of the economy were “strong.”

Hours later he backpedaled, explaining that he had meant that American workers, whom he described as the backbone of the economy, were productive and resilient. By Tuesday he was calling the economic situation “a total crisis” and denouncing “greed” on Wall Street and in Washington.

In contrast, the Obama campaign has produced a coherent two minute ad describing his solution to our country's economic problems.

If you have extra time, I also recommend his full economic policy here:

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