Sunday, August 24, 2008

Torture=Freedom; Fox News at the Convention

(H/T MR)

The clip below has Fox News propagandist (reporter?) Griff Jenkins covering a march by a variety of groups which go under the moniker "Recreate '68" which you can hear them claim below is an attempt to recreate the riots of 1968. You can judge for yourself.

Either way, the clip features Jenkins yelling at protesters who refuse to talk to him ("Don't you believe in the first amendment"), obviously forgetting that the first amendment does not compel anyone to talk, and in fact allows you to completely ignore media outlets if that's your desire. But the real highlight, is when he asks a woman what her "message" is, she responds "stop torture, stop the war." Jenkins then yells to the crowd "DON'T YOU LOVE FREEDOM!"

I, in turn, ask you, the reader, "DON'T YOU LOVE FREEDOM?" Notice how I actually have a question mark? Jenkins wasn't asking a question.

View the clip below (warning: the protesters do curse...they say the "f" word).

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