Friday, August 29, 2008

Sarah Palin's Parents Out Hunting Caribou

This is fun. Sarah Palin's parents almost didn't make it to the radio (yes, radio) because they were out hunting caribou (yes, caribou), and the river was swollen. A very different lifestyle...Alaska.

Read the full report below.

From CBS News:

Alaska Governor Sarah Palin"s parents were called early this morning at their home in Wasilla and told to "listen to the radio" by Palin"s husband, Tim.

Palin"s father, Chuck Heath, says he and his wife were caribou hunting when they were told to come home and tune into their local radio station to hear "exciting news," but said he did not know if his daughter was the choice for John McCain"s vice president.

"The river was swollen, so we almost didn"t get back," Palin"s mother, Sally Heath, told CBS News.

The two said they said the call was "a wonderful surprise."

"I am shocked!" said Mrs. Heath.

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Jill Rodde said...

According to Wikipedia, Gov. Palin also enjoys moose hunting. So. Moose.