Sunday, August 10, 2008

Mayoral Follow-Up

While much of this summer has been spent covering the national campaigns and the Bush administration, we at the CarlDems blog do very much care about local politics and the hoopla that is the mayoral race (see Evan's post for more). Bonnie Obremski over at Locally Grown, is publishing interviews with the various candidates for the mayoral seat. We posted a link to her first interview here, and now we have the pleasure of following with two more pieces of information both from LG.

The first piece is that they have published a second interview, with candidate for mayor and current city council member Jon Denison. You can video the video and post here.

The second piece is that there will be a meet the candidates event at The Grand in Northfield today. Those of our readers who will be in the area this afternoon (and Google Analytic says we have many) are strongly encouraged to stop by the Mayoral Candidate Speed-Dating event from 2-4:30 today (Sunday). More information on that here.

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