Friday, August 15, 2008

Link Dump

Here are the stories that I didn't get to follow-up on this week. I might follow up at another point, but for your enjoyment.

Michelle Bachmann REALLY wants to drill.

Also, Bachmann reminds everyone that Jesus ALREADY saved the earth, so we can go ahead and destroy it now.

Norm Coleman is facing more ethics problems with his housing arrangements.

Ron Suskind's investigations have piqued the interest of John Conyers et al.

Barack Obama's campaign continues to push hard against attacks, this time pushing against Jerome Corsi's hit piece.

US immigration policy and bad personnel kill another (COMPLETELY INNOCENT) man.

Ohio man buys truck with change.

Al Franken Dominates YouTube

Republicans trying to limit voter participation.

Obama calls McCain a "DC Celebrity".

Russia's Bombs were aimed at us (symbolically).

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