Thursday, August 14, 2008

Kline LiveBlogs His Waste of Time

In case you haven't heard, the Republicans spent much of the first part of this month running away from their constituents by playing political theater with tourists at the Capitol. I was there for part of the event and they were basically standing on the floor of the house, with their mics off and lecturing all the tourists that their staffs could herd in from the Rotunda (only the staunchest Republicans stayed to listen once they realized what was going on). Ostensibly, they were staging this protest to call on Nancy Pelosi to call Congress back into session to vote on their pet issue of off-shore drilling (a power that the top Republican is granted in Art. II Section 3 of our Constitution).

Here's a longer article if you're interested.

What were their colleagues doing? Working with constituents? Contit...who? Yeah, the people who elected you, the people you represent.

Check out John Kline spouting Republican talking points below, and making sad excuses. Highlight.
Kline: "this is not about Republicans vs. Democrats"
Me: "then where are the Democrats (even John McCain has a token Democrat)"

John Kline didn't just stay at DC like some of the Congresspeople, no he was so sad that he wasn't there that he spent 1,131 lbs (TerraPass) of carbon gas (not to mention tax-payer dollars) to fly to DC, then back to Minnesota and then again flew back to DC to take part in the Republican games.

"I wished I had been there," he said. When he found out over the weekend about the protest scheduled for Monday, Kline said, he made a reservation to fly back to Washington Sunday night. He's returning to Minnesota Monday night, but plans to come back to D.C. early next week to help Republicans maintain a constant presence.

To top it off, Kline did us the great service of (kind of) liveblogging his last day in DC (Tuesday). You can view it here. The entire "live-blog" is riddled with references to their comprehensive energy policy and with the Republican catch-phrase of "all of the above." The assumption here is all energy policies are not equally good. Energy policies that I hope my representatives reject: off-shore oil, nuclear, slave labor.

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