Thursday, August 14, 2008

The kids are in charge

Apparently, we're the most intelligent and powerful people in the world. John Zogby (the pollster) wrote a new book called The Way We'll Be. A chapter is excerpted at the New York Post, in a feature titled "Generation Obama".

Among other things, Zogby claims that young voters--while generally materialistic and maybe a little ruined by "tolerance" curricula that, really, don't get at the root of institutional discrimination anyway, but that's another post--are more thoughtful, less prone to blind patriotism, and more tolerant, than any other age group. Our peers also think of themselves as "citizens of the world" rather than as only Americans.

Neil Howe and William Straus wrote some similar stuff in Millennials Rising. According to their hypothesis, generational ideas are cyclical, and our generation, the Millennials--despite using text-speak in college papers--are the new "Greatest Generation".

An APSA press release divulged the other day that Democratic politicians who appear on The Colbert Report see a 40% increase in contributions. (There was no statistically significant tie for Republicans.) While I'm sure a lot of real adults watch The Daily Show and The Colbert Report, it strikes me as particularly important to the college-age and slightly-older crowd.

We're relevant, we're informed, we're ready. Let's go.

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