Thursday, August 7, 2008

Is Obama too Awesome to be President?

Journalists of late have been asking some hard-hitting questions about Barack Obama's qualifications for the presidency. In fact, the media have been so penetrating, so downright incisive in their investigation, I can barely stand it.

Is Obama too Young to be President? asks a McCain adviser in a Chicago Tribune Op-Ed.

Or is he too fit to be President, as suggested by the Wall Street Journal?

Even the bloggers (the bloggers!) have gotten in on the action, worrying over whether Obama is too intelligent, too stupid, too popular, too elitist, or too Antarctic to be President.

So I'll ask one too. Is Obama too awesome to be President? Is that why there has been such limited narrative based on actual policy positions? Maybe Obama is just too gosh darn perfect.

Even conservative David Brooks asks why Obama isn't doing better in the polls. (HINT! It might have something to do with a large number of his supporters--young people--using only cell phones, which are much more difficult and expensive to target in telephone polls.)

So, could it be true? Could it be that Obama is just too awesome to be president? What a terrible problem to have.

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jerryphant said...

Obama's too black to be President.