Friday, August 22, 2008

Friday Fluff: If you get Lemons, make...

Got a couple stories for you for today edition of Friday fluff, all courtesy of Ben Smith's Blog (A great blog that's worth checking daily).

The first is that awesome picture that announces the Daily Show's presence in the twin cities area. Keep checking in for more updates on their activities.

Second, the press are stalking every possible Vice-Presidential candidate (Obama's announcing tomorrow, did ya hear?), so Evan Bayh's neighbors decided to make a quick buck by setting up a lemonade stand across the street. I hope the price was really high. Great quote here:
With reporters staked out in their front lawn night and day all week long to monitor Sen. Evan Bayh's house across the street, the three Waldman kids found a way to profit - sell lemonade to the thirsty media throng.

And boy did they make a killing.

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