Tuesday, July 8, 2008

T. Boone Pickens goes Green?

I never liked T. Boone Pickens. Let's make that clear. Why?

Because I grew up in Oklahoma and I knew him as a a friend of President Bush, as an oil man through and through, as a major backer of the "Swift Boats Veterans for Truth" 527. Maybe worst of all he was a graduate of Oklahoma State University and not only their biggest donor (OSU's football stadium is named for him), but his donations were huge (100 million).

But now, he is turning away from oil and is turning towards wind and natural gas. His ad (which you can see above) has been shown on CNN and MSNBC (probably other stations too) all day. He seems to be putting a significant amount of his own wealth to push what he is calling the PickensPlan.

The plan consists of reducing oil use by increasing Natural Gas and Wind Energy.

It's remarkably sensible. As was probably already clear, his plan is much more environmentally friendly than anything the government or Republicans are planning on doing now. But interestingly, he does not present it in terms helping the environment, but rather he presents his plan as the most economically viable plan. In his words, "The United States is the Saudi Arabia of wind power."

These are very strong arguments to stop drilling and start improving our alternative energy sources. There are two very interesting graphics I have found. The first comes from Mr. Pickens page which shows that the US has the highest Wind Speeds in the world. The second shows that the US also has an entire stockpile of Natural Gas. Click on them to see their sources.

When T. Boon Pickens leaves Oil, it's hard to see why anyone would hold on.

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