Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Sarvi Campaign Earns IP Endorsement

Minnesota has a strong history of independent voters and independent thinkers. How strong? Our Democratic party is not known as a Democratic party, but rather it is known as the Democratic-Farmer-Labor Party (DFL). We have a strong third party, the Independence Party (which has candidates in various districts and the state wide Senate race). In the 2nd Congressional District though, the Independence Party has thrown in its lot with DFL candidate Steve Sarvi. Here is an excerpt from their press release.

“The Independence Party occasionally endorses a candidate from a different party when we do not have a candidate from our own party,” said Marian Brown, Second District chair. To be cross-endorsed, the candidate must agree with at least 75 percent of our key issues and meet several other qualifications. We look forward to having Steve Sarvi represent us in Congress.” The party’s core values include preserving the democratic process, justice, social inclusiveness, fiscal responsibility and protecting the environment.

“As I have gotten to know the members of the Independence Party, it has become clear to me that if anyone wants a change in course, it’s them,” said Steve Sarvi. “They want real fiscal responsibility – not politicians who run up our deficits and spend endlessly in Iraq while talking about fiscal responsibility. They want government that represents everyone – not just members of one party or donors with powerful corporate interests. They represent one special interest: making sure we leave a better world for our children and grandchildren. That’s what I want, and it’s what my supporters want. I’m proud to have this endorsement, and I look forward to having the Independence Party as an integral part of our team working for victory.”

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