Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Freakin' hippies!

Representative Michele Bachmann (R, MN-06) freaking hates hippies, says her opinion piece in the Wall Street Journal (also hates hippies). I'll leave it to BarbinMD at DailyKos to summarize:
Michele Bachmann (R-MN) warns that when it comes to drilling for oil, Democrats are up to their old tricks. The want drilling done in an environmentally safe way, they want the work done by union workers and they want to force those poor oil companies to either develop the leases they already hold or lose them. Damn libruls!

Now, I'm willing to guess that, even though Michele Bachmann just returned from ANWR, she's not an expert on oil drilling. I'm not either. So I consulted one. The Energy Information Administration. The official federal source for energy statistics.

Know what they said?

The impact on world oil prices from drilling in ANWR would be negligible, maybe a reduction of 75 cents a barrel, which today costs $121.78. And that's over more than 10 years. Pardon me for not wetting my pants in excitement.

(Furthermore, EIA reports, as so many have, that we really can't be sure how much oil is actually there. While our estimates are informed, they're just estimates.)

Considering the devastatingly small rate of return, Bachmann's bitterness toward ethical environmental and labor policies becomes even more petty.

The answer to this problem isn't simple, and it's probably not in the Arctic National Wildlife Refuge. We need members of Congress to stop recycling inefficacious and inviable "fixes" and start talking about the necessary revolution.


Ken Wedding said...

MB may have been over ANWR, but she was never in ANWR. I don't understand how she got to be an expert saying it's a perfect place to drill.

Bachmann never came down to earth at ANWR

July 23rd, 2008 – 3:51 PM by Kevin Diaz

WASHINGTON — They came, they saw, but they didn’t land.

It turns out that Sunday’s congressional tour of Alaska’s Arctic National Wildlife Refuge (ANWR), including Minnesota Republican Michele Bachmann, ran into some typical North Slope weather. They had to circle around in the air instead of touching down.

Jill Rodde said...

Thanks for the clarification, Ken.