Friday, July 18, 2008

A different kind of President

One of the neat things about working in a semi-corporate environment is the office gossip. It's especially neat when said environment has some considerable political swing. I get to hear all kinds of stories about political folk and their foibles.

As you may know, the American Federation of Teachers (with whom I'm interning this summer) supported Hillary Clinton in the primary. They've since turned their full support to Obama (we all just got our Obama swag today, in fact!) but, not unlike in the U.S. generally, there's still some ill-will from Clinton people.

And Obama isn't doing much to help. Here's a video of his speech at the AFT convention in Chicago last weekend:

Did you make it through? You get a cookie. I'm about as in love with Obama as a person can be, and I could only watch about two minutes of that speech.

So, teleconferencing isn't always the most efficient. If only Obama could have been there in person. Except--wait!--he was in Chicago, at the hotel at which most of the AFT delegates were staying, at a fundraiser. (Incidentally, Obama also mispronounces one of the executive board members' name.)

My boss mentioned that Obama had made a point of blowing off unions of late. He spouted off a list that I won't attempt to recreate, but there were several.

So, what do we think, Democrats? Unprecedented? Unwise? Is Obama THIS different kind of President? Or just the different kind who bought his kid sister Our Bodies, Ourselves? (That is, the awesome kind.)

In other news, seriously, AFT freaking loves Hillary Clinton:

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Pablo Kenney said...

Clearly, Obama hasn't done the best job of reaching out to traditional democratic groups (teachers, unions, etc). Although, I would argue that that's because he is reaching out to groups that have previously been left out of the process. Me thinks.