Tuesday, July 8, 2008

Dept. of Irony.

On the Freakonomics blog (of which I am a great fan), Steven J. Dubner provided the readers a momement of great irony. He wrote a post about what he thought was an err in the British Periodical The Economist, where he was actually in err. His post, which is interesting in and of itself is about various print mistakes that happen varying from The Washington Post publishing an article a year after it was written to this purported error from The Economist:
Consider this lead from a recent article about a huge Mexican mining company called Fresnillo, which was recently listed on the London Stock Exchange:

In the hills north east of Mexico City it is not uncommon to find Cornish pasties for sale.

They meant to write “pastries” but, considering that miners work really hard, they might also be hoping to encounter the kind of people who go shopping for pasties.

This seems like a funny error, except that as the first 10 comments all say it is Dubner who is in error. The Economist did in fact mean Cornish pasties. I guess Dubner can add this post to previous mistakes.
Economist/Great Britain-1 Dubner-0

No, this has nothing to do with politics, policy, or Carleton, and that's okay.

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