Thursday, July 17, 2008

92 Million in the Bank

Barack Obama and the DNC have disclosed their fund raising numbers for the month of June. You may remember John McCain announcing his remarkable fund raising month of June raising 22 million. Well check this out:

WASHINGTON - Democrat Barack Obama raised $52 million last month for his presidential campaign, more than twice as much as Republican rival John McCain in a significant boost to his financial cache for the fall contest

This news destroys two ridiculous media narratives. The first narrative is that Barack Obama is a typical politician and that he will fundraise with big money and that he will abandon his small dollar donors in favor of big ticket fundraisers. Oh yeah? Well guess what. Not only has his total fundraising number increased (this is his second biggest donation month ever, he raised 55 million in February), his average donation amount has decreased from $100 in May to $68 in June.

However, this story also shows the lunacy of McCain claiming to be the underdog (follow the link towards the bottom. Despite the DNC having one of its best fund raising months ever, team Obama (Obama+DNC) still lags 3 million dollars behind team McCain (McCain+RNC). The Republican National Committee accepts donations from lobbyists and PACs unlike the Democratic National Committee. Frankly the RNC can tap big business anytime they need. John McCain is an underdog? What a joke.

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