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There has been much talk about Tim Pawlenty (T-Paw), the current governor of Minnesota being on the top of Republican John McCain's potential list for Vice-President. MNPublius and others knowledgeable about t-paw have long argued that this would be a bad choice. Pawlenty has a high profile within the McCain Campaign because he is chair of the National Governors Association and a national co-chair of the National Campaign.

In the words of Chris Cillizza,

There's little dispute in Republican circles that Minnesota Gov. Tim Pawlenty is the leading candidate at the moment to be selected as John McCain's running mate.

And Newsweek's Stumper says chances of Pawlenty being chosen are "as good as possible."

The points in favor of Pawlenty are basically that he's from the middle-class, still does middle class things (like fish and play ice hockey), is a Christian, loyal to his party, and not associated with Washington, D.C.

Choosing Pawlenty would do nothing to help the McCain campaign, particularly on the points mentioned above. The fact that he is middle-class will not come through to the average voter, this does not play into the McCain message in a particular wayand unlike John Edwards who was known as a national champion for the lower-middle class prior to be chosen, America does not know Pawlenty. Again, the fact that Pawlenty is Christian does not matter because he it is not a central issue for him (like it is for Huckabee) and it will not be communicated sufficiently in the relatively short time period that he would have to introduce himself to this nation. The fact that this is even considered a positive in analysis from both Newsweek and Cillizza, shows the lack of positive attributes for Pawlenty.

Some have argued that Pawlenty, as a Governor, could win Minnesota for McCain. This simply isn't true. First, in 2006 he barely won his campaign for Governor against Mike Hatch (who is a good man, but wasn't a great candidate). He won by less than 2 percent. Also, he supported John McCain in Minnesota and campaigned for McCain all over the state prior to the February 5th primary and yet Mitt Romney won one of his few important victories in Minnesota, winning by almost 20 percent of the vote. Finally, in the January 3rd special election where long-time Representative Ray Cox sought to replace Thomas Neuville who had served the district for 18 years, Minnesota saw Kevin Dahle win in a landslide (55-42) despite significant campaigning by Governor Pawlenty. Pawlenty does not have political sway in Minnesota.

Baisically Pawlenty would be another Dan Quayle. An unknown candidate who does not add anything to the ticket and maybe even creates drag. McCain would do better to choose an already vetted candidate such as Romney or Huckabee, or maybe someone more interesting like Alaska's governor Sarah Palin.

Doesn't really matter. Obama 2008.
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