Friday, June 20, 2008

College Organizing

Politico (run by Carleton grad John Harris), publishes some ground breaking stories...some not. In this story, they explore the amazing fact that political organizing of college students is harder in the summer (when school is not in session):

So while College Democrats of America and the College Republican National Committee will focus on getting their core activists to volunteer at their parties’ conventions, the John McCain and Barack Obama campaigns, along with nonpartisan voter registration organizations, have made it a priority to engage young people wherever they can find them over the summer.

McCain spokesman Joseph Pounder said that the campaign will be “setting up tables at concerts and state fairs ... [and] actively seeking out venues and events where we can reach out to the most young voters as possible.”

The Obama campaign, meanwhile, is urging student supporters to informally organize their high school friends and other acquaintances through online social networking sites such as Facebook. “Young people are a lot more likely to be responsive when one of their peers approaches them,” said Meredith Segal, national director of Students for Barack Obama.

With Hillary Rodham Clinton out of the race, there is also an immediate opportunity for the two campaigns to poach her young supporters. Although on-campus outreach efforts will largely have to wait until the fall, Segal expects Clinton’s student organizers will assist them.

On a completely different note, on the subway this morning I saw someone reading James Fray's A Million Little Pieces. I wanted to say...hey, that book's not truuuuuue.

Speaking of not true, page 6 has a gossip column about Chris Matthews and Keith Olberman vying for Tim Russert's chair. It claims Olberman threatened to quit if he didn't get Russert's job. This column is based on two conversations (one overheard of Matthews and one about Olberman) with (of course) anonymous sources. Everyone involved not only denies the truth of those statements, but more importantly there's no logic there. Olberman and Matthews both are "quintessential" cable talkingheads with very successful shows. Olberman, as he said himself on his show last night, is not close to qualified for the position, so threatening to quit if he didn't get Russert's job would be silly.


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