Sunday, March 2, 2008


I am posting my announcement of resignation from the presidency of the Carleton Democrats, however Jill Rodde is going to be awesome leader and I'll probably keep posting on the CarlDems Blog. Evan Rowe and Carmen Ross are both leaving for Europe where they will hopefully update us on life on the other side of the pond.

Dear Carleton Democrats,

I am writing to let you guys and gals know that I am resigning because
of both the time-commitment and possible conflict of interests
involved in being the new CSA Vice-President this spring. The
CarlDems will be ably guided by Jill Rodde who is the interim
president. Also leaving in the spring will be Treasurer Carmen Ross,
and Fundraising Director Evan Rowe. Their work has left the CarlDems
in strong financial footing and allowed us to focus on planning good

If you wish to temporarily be appointed to either of these roles
please email; Jill will plan a great spring term
and if you're interested in holding office next year you should be
sure to attend meetings and keep an eye out for election plans.

Sincerely yours,

Pablo Kenney