Thursday, December 27, 2007

Special Election Information

***update 1/4****

Thanks to your help, Mr. (ehm) Senator Dahle was elected with a landslide vote in Northfield. Thank you to everyone who contributed their time and effort.

***update 12/28***
The Dean of Students Office has created a non-partisan voter information page


This is your one stop shop for information about the January 3rd Special Election in Minnesota District 25

First, a little history.
On November 27th, Governor Tim Pawlenty appointed state senator Tom Neuville (R-MN25) a judge and triggered a special election which he set for January 3rd. This was well covered by MNPublius. National blogger Mike Connery at My DD did some front page analysis of the dynamics of the race.

Soon after the race was announced Ray Cox announced that he would seek the GOP nomination despite his defeat in 2006. Kevin Dahle won the DFL nomination and became the Democratic (DFL) candidate for state senate.

Dahle provides the following bio on his website:

Name: Kevin Dahle

Party: DFL

Residence: Northfield

Occupation: High School Teacher in the Northfield School District since 1993. Teaching since 1982. Social Studies and Driver Education

Age: 47

Family: Wife Beth, Children Kalista 8, Greenlee 5, Griffith 2

Education: BA University of Northern Iowa, MA in Education St. Mary's University, Winona, MN

Experience: I have taught Civics, Economics, Political Science, and Social Psychology for 23 years. I am currently President of the Northfield Education Association (for about 10 years), currently serve on the Council of Local Presidents for Education Minnesota, member of the Northfield Arts Guild, Northfield Historical Society, member of the United Methodist Church, worked with Citizens for Quality Education, active in several campaigns at local, state, and national level.

Priorities: Education, affordable health care, building working coalitions

You can find Dahle's very popular face book group here:

Carleton students who live on campus can vote with their one card or any other proof of residence at the college. Carleton students who live off campus need proof of residence such as a utility bill. For more information check out the Secretary of State's information on his website.

From 11:30 AM to 7:00 PM on January 3rd, there will be a campus activities shuttle bus going to the two most relevant polling locations (the UCC church and St. Dominic's Church). The Carleton Democrats will also provide transportation for anyone who wants alternate transportation to go vote.

The three candidates had a debate hosted by the northfield blog locallygrown.
The video is here:

Today, both candidates have written guest columns in the Northfield News.
Dahle's column can be found below.
Dahle hopes for new direction
Guest Columnist

As I finish this letter it is late in the evening on Saturday, Dec. 22, and my family have all gone to bed. I look forward to the celebration of Christmas, to the joy of being with family, and to the excitement with which my children, Kally, Greenlee, and Griffith, will unwrap their presents.

For now it is quiet. The silence is welcoming, just as much as the laughter and conversations will be welcome in the next few days ... and just as welcoming as the campaign flurry that has filled my house for the last three weeks.

I decided to become a candidate for the upcoming election because I believe it's time for a new direction in Minnesota. On Dec. 5, I received the endorsement from the DFL delegates and officially entered the race for the senate seat in District 25. These past weeks, I have met voters in service clubs, coffee shops, and on the streets throughout the communities of District 25. While speaking with young and old alike, I've learned that my hope for progressive change in state government is shared district-wide.

I want to be a senator for those who want legislators to consider their constituents before their party's interests. I want to be a fresh voice from our district that signals to the legislature that we are in a new era of cooperation that will transcend the gridlock that has so often accompanied our sessions in past years. Legislation that benefits the people of Minnesota is good legislation regardless of which party sponsors the bill. I will work for bipartisan support on key issues for District 25.

I want to be a senator for your family. I will support legislation to provide health care coverage for working Minnesotans, children and our senior citizens without over-burdening the General Fund.

I want to be a senator for homeowners. Statewide, our homeowners have endured more than $1 billion in property tax increases in the last three years. I will restore the recent cuts made to local government aid to relieve the effect of rising property taxes for families and communities.

I want to be a senator for the children of Minnesota. The communities I represent can't afford to shoulder the responsibility of financing schools through increased local levies. I want a stable, statewide school funding system that invests in quality education for the long term and not one that is dependent on shifting economic cycles and priorities.

I want to be a senator for our environment. The citizens of District 25 have been asking for a senator who is committed to protecting our natural resources, from clean water and prairie wetlands, to forestry and lake preservation. I will work to make preservation and conservation a priority so that our children can enjoy all that Minnesota has to offer now and in years to come.

I want to be a senator for renewable energy. Robust and affordable alternative energy sources will decrease our dependence on oil and curtail its detrimental effect on our environment. I support research and development for cleaner, more efficient fuels and a greater investment in wind energy.

I want to be a senator for a better transportation system. I support a consistent funding source for Minnesota-wide improvements to our infrastructure, including road and bridge construction and a southern corridor for light rail.

When my family awakens on this day after Christmas, I know that I will see optimism on my children's faces. With the new year just days away, I share a similar optimism for what we may accomplish for District 25 and Minnesota's future. This is a time of renewal, and with renewal there is a sense of hope for all. My resolution to you is that when I am your state senator, I will respect the agenda and priorities you have set and work in the vital interests of all.

Our past experience has shown us how Minnesota once led the nation in serving its citizens. Our shared vision shows us what Minnesota can yet become. On Jan. 3, let's start our journey toward a new era and a better Minnesota.