Thursday, August 16, 2007

Norm tied to Bush

Ever since Norm Coleman noticed that Minnesotans do not support President Bush (Fall '06) he has slowly been pushing away from his old friend and his crazy policies in Iraq. Except that apparently Norm is more than happy to accept the money that Bush can bring in for him.

According to the Star-Tribune:

President Bush will take a day away from his Texas ranch next week to attend a big-money fundraiser for Sen. Norm Coleman in Eden Prairie.

The Aug. 21 fundraiser, at the home of Twin Cities philanthropists Bill and Tani Austin, will cost at least $1,000 to attend. For $10,000 in combined contributions to Coleman and the Republican Party, a couple will be listed as a co-host. For $14,600, they can be a host.
Coleman believes that by having this fund raiser in August of 2007 he can pull a quick one on Minnesotans, he can embrace Bush in the privacy of the Austin home while publicly eschewing him in front of Minnesotan voters. Coleman, the man who claimed that he was a "99 percent improvement" over the late Senator Paul Wellstone is showing that he is 100 percent opposite of Senator Wellstone. Where Senator Wellstone was honest and consistent, Coleman is proving to be hypocritical and slimy.

In the words of Al Franken's communication director Andy Barr:
"I think it's a perfect illustration of what we've been talking about all along," Barr said. "Norm Coleman isn't standing with working families. He's standing with Bush, and now he's hanging out with Bush."
Ciresi spokeswoman Leslie Sandberg said the candidate would "like to see Norm next to George Bush every single day."

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