Monday, August 27, 2007

Gonzo OUT!

Alberto Gonzales has finally done something for the American people, he resigned! A few short months after the Carleton Democrats petitioned our Senators and Congressman to pressure Alberto Gonzales from office, he has packed his bags and turned in a letter of resignation.

Gonzales is expected to have a press conference at 10:30 eastern time while Bush will speak at 11:50 am.

And yet, Bush will not let the American People celebrate yet. The White House has announced that Homeland Security Director Michael Chertoff (Mr. Gut Check himself). He would be replaced by Bush's former chief of staff and appointment's secretary.

George Bush does not understand that the American people do not trust him, and maybe more to the point do not trust his cronies! We can only hope that the Senate will stand tall and demand proper candidates for these positions, candidates who will work for the Justice and Safety of the American people. We do not need candidates who will just follow from the Gonzo playbook.

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