Friday, August 10, 2007

Carls Active in Progressive Causes

As we near mid-august, it is time that we thank those who have put in time this summer to work for important people and causes.

To begin with, Evan Rowe ('09) has worked for freshman congressman Keith Ellison (MN 5).

Also in D.C., Claire Vinocur ('08) worked for NARAL Pro-Choice America.

Additionally, Ben Barclay ('09) put in time working for non-partisan Young Voter Strategies/Rock The Vote.

Leah Greenberg ('08) worked for progressive think-tank Center for American Progress.

Carls have also worked for a couple presidential candidates.

Jacob Raim ('08) worked for presidential candidate Hillary Clinton and said that "it was a great experience."

Barack Obama has a significantly greater number of Carls in his employ.

To begin with, Obama has alumnus Paul Tewes ('93) as the state director of his Iowa Campaign.

Further, former Carleton Democrats president John Aho ('07) is serving as a field organizer in Jasper County, Iowa.

Another former CarlDems President, James Hannaway ('09), is serving as Obama's youngest staffer at the Chicago Headquarters, specifically as a Youth Vote Coordinator, directly under the Youth Vote Director. You can contact him at

He will continue to work in that office throughout fall term. There will be different Obama contacts on campus this fall. The Carleton Students for Obama coordinator is Erika Pearson ('09) who you can contact at, Also on campus is Caitlin Fleming ('09), the Minnesota Students of Obama South Region Director who could be contacted at

This is not a complete list of those who deserve to be thanked but simply a list of those that I am aware of. If you or anyone you know should be mentioned please send me their information and what they did.

There will be many more posts discussing politics and CarlDems events.

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Jaho said...

I like the blog, keep up the good work! It's awesome to see so many Carls working for Democratic candidates and progressive organizations.